Privacy Policy

Collection of your personal information

The City of Subiaco only collects the personal information that you enter on this site. Any personal information collected by the city will only be used for the purpose for which it has been collected, or for research, development and improvement of the city’s services.

Your data is stored on an Australian server, hosted by a third-party supplier. This data is stored for the duration of the city’s contract with this supplier, after which time it is destroyed.

Some services and functions on City of Subiaco websites are delivered and hosted by third parties. The city also uses web tracking tools from third parties to collect or view website traffic information, in order to improve your experience on our site These tools and services have their own privacy policies, so when you choose to use these functions your information will be used and stored in accordance with their privacy policies.

Photography and your rights

The city will at times have a photographer present at events, be taking photos at events or as part of a project, or undertake a photography shoot session to assist in building the city’s image library. Please ensure you let a staff member or the photographer know if you do not wish to be photographed. If your photo is placed on promotional material, the city’s website or any other form of marketing collateral and you do not wish it to be used, please contact the city on (08) 9237 9222 or email and it will be removed from the database and, where possible, from the promotional material.

Ticket Machine Faults

If you come across a fault with one of our machines please contact 1300 187 603 for immediate assistance.

Please note if the credit card payment facility is offline you must pay for parking either by coin or by our pay-by-phone app.

The credit card payment facility may occasionally encounter technical issues, generally in relation to communicating with the bank via the mobile network. If your credit card has been declined but a charge appears on your account, don’t worry our parking machines detect errors and automatically refund the charge.

The refund may take 1 to 3 business days to appear on your account, depending on how your bank processes refunds. If you are concerned that an error has occurred, or you have been charged incorrectly, contact us on